Residential World Media Job Applicant FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why should I apply at RWM?

A: RWM offers an exceptional work environment, above average compensation and a rich fringe benefit package for all employees. RWM’s work environment is one that is focused cultivating the best in our employees. We invest in our employees with ongoing training and career development, we promote from within and we encourage employee participation in making our workplace a better, safer more innovative and yes, fun place to work.

Q; What happens when I apply for a position at RWM?

A: Your resume and contact information is entered into the company’s database. If your skills match the job requirements you’ll be contacted for available openings.

Q: How will I be contacted?

A: You may be contacted by email or telephone (so please make sure the information on your resume and application are correct or that could result in a missed opportunity for you).

Q: How long does the company keep my information?

A: The company retains the resume in accordance to the legal requirements which change so whatever the requirements are at the time your resume is submitted we’ll retain them. We suggest that if you want to reapply wait 6 months. If you’ve already applied note that on your application and the date you applied.

Q: Do I have to answer the aptitude quiz?

A: Yes. It’s a requirement. No debate. Any unanswered questions are counted as wrong.

Q: Do I have to complete the EEOC information with the employment application?

A: The information requested is for the government, not the company. It is optional not mandatory and will have no effect on your candidacy. RWM is an equal opportunity employer.

Q:What if I submit my resume but don’t hear from the company?

A: We wish we could provide personal attention to every job seeker however due to the significant number of inquiries we receive it’s a daunting task! In order to treat everyone fairly we utilize technology. Don’t properly, the system will generate an autoresponder notifying you your resume was received. If you didn’t get an autoresponder message you probably need to reapply or didn’t complete your 3 step application process.

If you don’t hear from us and possess the minimum qualifications of a posting the chances are the job has been filled by the time your resume was received or reviewed. If you don’t have the minimum requirements listed, its highly likely your qualifications were considered and we found other candidates possessing the minimum or higher requirements.

Q: Can I contact the company to check on my application status?

A: You are welcome to contact the company electronically but not via phone. When you are contacted by our human resources department you will be provided a number to contact us via phone. Its more efficient for us this way and we must be fair to everyone. The autoresponder will have the contact email on it. Again, not to be impersonal but phone inquiries can’t be addressed on the spot as only our human resources team may discuss job openings and candidacy (that means contacting the department manager for the job you are applying for is not the correct action to take). Do not call our main reception switchboard, our receptionists are not authorized to discuss employment opportunities or provide emails of other employees. All employment inquiries must go through our electronic system. Do not contact departments directly to inquire about employment they are not authorized to discuss employment opportunities. Polite inquiries will be responded to. Candidates who do not follow process for applications will be disqualified.

Q: Are the job openings current?

A: Job postings are updated on a best efforts basis as job openings occur, are filled or deactivated. Postings only become deactivated after a position has been filled. However the internet links or your computer cache, may keep the information as current even if it is not live on the website. If a posting is live on the website chances are its still open at the time you apply. It could be filled shortly thereafter as interviews and offers could be in process at the time of your application however the job is open and therefore postings remain live until filled. The company reserves the right to deactivate job openings at any time with or without notice.

Q: What if I receive a request to resubmit my information?

A: Resubmityour information in plain text fonts and remove personal information or pictures Sometimes candidates try to be artistic and present materials in fancy fonts our system can’t read or they creatively attach things like photographs. If you submitted information not required for job such as personal marital status, height, age, weight or other things on your resume this is not something we can accept and our system will advise you to resubmit with appropriate information. RWM upholds the highest standards in equal opportunity employment therefore age, gender, religious or political affiliation cannot be accepted in the resumes we received. which we cannot your accept photographs either unless required for a particular position as we are a media company, if we want to see work samples or headshots along with the submission it will be on the job description or requested at time of interview.

Q: Why do I have to have a criminal background check?

A: Our insurance and risk management advisors define acceptable hiring criteria for the type of work performed. A criminal background check is required for all employees.

Q: I’ve had some job changes recently will I still be considered?

A: We consider all applicants with the correct skills,experience, aptitudes and backgrounds. If you have good and verifiable reasons for recent job changes we’ll consider that however, part of the consideration of qualifications for hiring candidates is duration of employment/employment history.

Q: I have other questions that are not addressed here?

A: You may have other questions than the FAQs If its regarding experience and requirements for a particular job, its best to submit your resume and outline your qualifications as they apply. You can also wait until contacted by the human resources team for an interview to ask questions or send an inquiry to hrquestions@residentialworld.tv . Allow 3 to 5 business days for response and remember this is on a best efforts basis if your question is about the job requirements, the requirements are listed on the job description. Please do not attach resumes through the HR questions email, they will be rejected. They must come through the application submission area. Following directions and respecting the processes of our company are part of the hiring criteria. 

We appreciate your interest in our organization and wish you the best in your career endeavors!